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Grow Teams organic Instagram marketing is for individuals, influencers, and businesses.

How We Do It

Like Campaign

We keep your account active letting others know you provide fresh content on a regular basis, without spending hours scrolling.

Follow Campaign

People are always intrigued to see who follows them. We follow users that have a higher chance of being interested in your content.

Hashtag Targeting

We target users based on their hashtags so you can reach specific niches traditional digital advertising methods could not.

Username Targeting

We target the audiences of look-alike brands. If you have similar content, your targeted audience will follow.
Accelerate your growth.


We drive qualified organic followers to your account so you can showcase your unique content, increase engagement, and spread brand awareness.

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Why Choose Us?

We comply with Instagram

Your Account is SAFE

There is nothing that we prioritize more than your Instagram’s accounts security.  Your personal information will never shared or sold to any third party vendors.  We only follow relevant accounts, we never spam or use your account for anything other than what you permit, and we always stay within Instagram’s algorithmic limits.  So rest easy knowing that the experts at Grow Teams have got your back.

We Connect You To Real People.

We are committed to helping you gain a genuine interactive following. Have no fear as these are not fake bots or fake Instagram followers.

We Attract The Right Crowd

We attract new followers and customers catered to your demographic using advanced targeting methods. These people are legitimately interested in your brand and the content you create.

We Grow Your Following Organically

We believe in organic growth, so we’re only interested in real people who are active on Instagram.  We target people who want to engage with the content your providing!

We Automate Authenticity

We want your Instagram following to grow without adding to your workload.  Let Grow Teams do the heavy lifting for you. While we are busy driving traffic to your account, you can focus on more of what you love.